martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

18-10-2011 Goldman Sachs


YouTube Video of a BBC News clip in which a stock trader shamelessly takes delight in the global collapse of the economy, saying that, "Government doesn't own the economy; Goldman-Sachs owns the economy", and that it has nothing to do with right or wrong, but is simply an opportunity for profit, 'hedging' (betting on) collapse to strip 'equity' (profit) out of the economy on the way down.

The BBC News interviewer seems shocked by this in-your-face arrogant-greedy hubris that sees a "dream come true" for this stock-trader but naturally a nightmare for the public.

The fact is that Goldman-Sachs ( owners of the Clarín Group in Argentina )is one of the major owners of the privately owned central bank called the 'Fed', which has blatantly resisted any public audit of the way they've cooked the books.

A long history of economic manipulation has shown these moneychangers and their Fed-Gov. sycophants to be wolves in sheep's clothing with an agenda for population reduction and totalitarian NWO control that they intend to build out of chaos.

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